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How you can accessorize your Boho Style Wedding Dresses UK?

Boho style wedding dresses UK

Hopefully, you’ve discovered the wedding gown of your dreams, but your search for the perfect wedding attire is far from ended. You must accessorize your Boho style wedding dresses UK with anything from earrings to brooches to make your look complete. Consider the following as accessories:

The adorable alternative to a bouquet are corsages, which can be made of real or artificial flowers and are embellished with shiny ribbons, pearls, and crystals. You can attach it to your hair, skirt, straps, or even a full arrangement of flowers. Few other accessory options are:


Brooches are a stylish item that seem vintage and are a great complement to your wedding attire. There are a tonne of stunning brooches available on the high street right now, so you’ll have plenty of options for colours and styles.

They don’t have to be genuine antiques. Attach to your bouquet, the bodice, skirt, or straps of your dress, or pin in your hair. Choose a colour that complements your flowers, clothing, and makeup.

You can present brooches to your bridesmaids as gifts after the wedding and they make excellent accessories.

Boho style wedding dresses UK

Stunning and bright shoe statement

Bright, vibrant, and stunning statement shoes are popular right now. Let them peek out from under the hem of your wedding gown for a cheeky and enjoyable accent. For height without the wobble, choose strappy platforms and wedges.

Or, if you want to go barefoot, make sure to have a pedicure and consider accessorizing your feet with anklets and toe rings!

Modern clutch bags

Clutch bags combine multiple accessories into one for a contemporary look. Instead of carrying a flower, opt for a stylish small purse that’s been adorned with a stunning brooch or corsage. Fantastic and useful!

Excellent for bridesmaids as well, as they will undoubtedly be carrying your makeup and other accessories anyhow!

Sequin or flowery headband

Choose a flowery or sequin headband to express your inner flower child. It’s a pretty way to spice up your hairstyle and a less expensive option than a veil or tiara.

With a little imagination, these can be accessorized on boho wedding dress online more with ribbons, flowers, brooches, and feathers.

Attractive trailing earrings

Trailing earrings with enormous gemstones can offer a flash of color to your outfit and highlight your neck and shoulders. They are fantastic as a contrast to a minimalist wedding gown style.


There is already a wide variety of accessories available in stores to match your Boho style wedding dresses UK and preferences, no matter your style or preferences. Choose a matching assortment of accents and accessories for your wedding attire with your bridesmaids.

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