Excellent Backpacks

There’s nothing bad when you see your phone or laptop on low battery. In order to avoid this 2018 brought an amazing smart backpacks. Smart backpacks are just like everyday backpacks, but it has one more specialty that it is a backpack with charger. It can charge devices, charge themselves from solar power and play your favorite tunes. These bags are made to acclimatize the lifestyle of the modern man. Smart backpacks have everything one needs on the road, whether just going the gym or traveling. It has a very modest and shiny design and helps you to walk around on back with complete confidence. These backpacks bring ease and peace of mind. For the smart backpacks, expect to pay between $100-$300.


Some top features that make it different from the rest of the bag. One separate laptop compartment. Front section with many pockets, pen pockets and key hook which make stuff ordered and  accessible. Easily carry  around all devices as it is comfy and  is having anti-theft features like unseen zips and hidden pockets. It has a retractable 3-number combination lock with cable and it locks all the sections of your bag. Backpack has secret pockets where credit cards, phone, and passports are kept.  As its slim shape and a modest look, make one look tidy. Ample  number of pockets are present so stuff remain in organized manner. It has a built in USB port so phone, tablet or laptop can be charged. This backpack with phone charger has the high quality power bank that helps it to stay charged  all the day. It  also has the ability to charge devices on the journey with its solar charger. Battery indicator is also present which exactly tell how long stuff can be charged. It can easily charge up to 3 devices at once. The padded cushion on the back and shoulder straps makes this creation tremendously comfortable to wear and makes the journey easy. And during those rainy adventure days, the fiber used is helps to protect rain from entering inside the bag. These wonderful backpacks with chargers has made our life easy and relaxed.

Special features

These special features that make it extraordinary special.

  •         Integrated USB charging port
  •         Enlightening safety strips
  •         Water repulsive fabric
  •         Weight stability
  •         Luggage belt
  •         modifiable open angles
  •         YKK zippers
  •         complex storage design
  •         Shock-proof