Ultralight Gear – The Right Gear For Camping

ultralight gear

Nowadays, hiking and backpacking have become popular. But ultralight gear has become a specialised form of art. Although, reducing the weight of what you are carrying on the back means that you can travel more in less time, or you can travel at a more comfortable pace, and giving you extra time to relish your surroundings.

However, ultralight hiking and backpacking are only suitable for warmer months of the year, like late spring till late summer.

The most considerable weight saving will be on the items like a sleeping bag, a tent that is typically the heaviest things in your backpack, and you can get a camping mat with you; it will be beneficial.

For example, you should consider using a hooped Gore-Tex bivi bag rather than hauling around a heavy tent. It is a small unique skinned tunnel tent. And it is big enough for one person and their gear; it provides ample protection from the elements because it is both breathable and waterproof.

The other alternative to a tent is a lightweight tarp or basha. Although it is very adaptable, and just with the assistance of your hiking poles can be fabricated in several ways. It is utilised in conjunction with a breathable, waterproof sleeping bag cover, and it is as light as you can get it.

ultralight gear

However, if you use it in a shielded area away from strong winds, they can provide you with a true feeling of sleeping in the wilds. And it is very swift and straightforward to set up that can even be used for a shelter from the rain or bad weather during the day or even if you want to cook under.

The other option that is enjoying something of a comeback is the excellent old hammock. It is an ideal type of camping for the ultralight hiker who is more engrossed in the actual hiking than the camping side of backpacking.

Although, few great hammocks on the market come with their personalised waterproof fly-sheet and are complete with mosquito midge netting.

Indubitably, if you finally depreciate your nug out of the bag but have never taken it out on trail hiking to see how it feels and fits, you are doing yourself a great injustice. That means you have not practised utilising all your ultralight gear either. And by using your equipment, you will get ideas, replace, add, or even leave out of the bag.

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