How to Make a Sock Snowman This Winter

This winter project is just about as easy as crafts for kids come. It’s a fun activity for classroom Christmas parties or holiday family get-togethers. The results are so adorable though, adults who teach the craft often find themselves hooked on creating their own snowman family. And, it’s hard to stop at just one. After all, Crazy Socks  come in pairs.

Most of these supplies can already be found in the crafter’s closet. Otherwise, all materials can be purchased from a general store for under ten dollars.


  • Adult white sock (tube socks are ideal but hard to find, socks with heels work fine.)
  • Uncooked rice
  • Paint markers (orange and black for sure, AND additional colors if needed)
  • 4” scrap of yarn
  • Scrap of Christmas-y material for a scarf

Instructions for Making a Sock Snowman

  1. Fill a white sock just a bit past the heel with uncooked rice.
  2. Fold the sock down so the top covers the heel where the snowman’s face will be.
  3. Fold the very top rim back up for the bottom of the snowman’s winter hat.
  4. Tie a scrap of yarn around the very top of the hat to form a puffball.
  5. Cut off the yarn’s tails.
  6. Cut a long scrap of Christmas-y material and tie it where the snowman’s scarf should be.
  7. With paint markers, add a carrot nose, black eyes, mouth, and buttons.

Kids can add their own embellishments with colorful paint markers. The are a host of other craft supplies that work well for personalizing snowmen: kids can sew buttons on the snowman, add a jingle bell to the snowman’s scarf, or create earmuffs from puff balls and pipe cleaners. Silver or gold glitter also provides a fun, festive look.

To give the snowman a fragrant touch, crafters can make a broom, by tying a bunch of pine needles to the end of a cinnamon stick. An adult will be needed to attach the broom to the snowman’s side with a hot glue gun.

Crafters who know how to knit may want to make yarn scarves for their snowman instead of using scraps of material. This simple touch will take only minutes to create. They can start by casting on three to five sock stitches, depending on the size of their yarn and needles. From there, they need only knit in stockinette to the scarf’s desired length.

Snowmen are a favorite decorating theme throughout the holidays. With this simple pattern, kids and adults can decorate their own mantles, or give away their creations to brighten up the homes of friends, teachers, co-workers, and family.