How To Choose The Right Guitar Strap?

When you need to carefully hold the guitar in front of the audience then it requires a high-quality strap. The leather guitar straps are highly popular which are available in different designs. Something which makes the choice difficult is this variety which and it is even more complicated when there are new users who have not used even a single one of them. The buyers should carefully make a choice when it comes to these straps. This article aims at creating that awareness so that the user can pick the right one for their use.

leather guitar straps

Know your Guitar

The instrument that you use will be the main base on which the choice of the leather guitar strap or any other form will be made. You can have an acoustic guitar or electric guitar and based on the one that you have will decide the material of the strap. The bass guitars are most heavy and they are the ones which will require some very strong strap which will be able to hold that instrument close to the body. The electric guitars are light and generally have two strap buttons on the body which are easy to attach.

Choose the strap well

There will be a lot of things which one must carefully think about when choosing the strap. The choice of the strap must be based on the


Most of the straps come with the adjustable length which ranges from 40-60 inches but you should still check it in action to decide on your comfortable point. This is really important if you have a special style like hanging the instrument really low in which case you will need a longer strap. Since there are many choices you can pick a longer one for special situations.


The common width which is generally available is 2 inches but there are many other width choices also. There is 4 inch thick sides which are comfortable for longer sessions and easier on the body.


There are many materials which are available when it comes to the make of the guitar strap. There are commonly used materials like nylon, leather, cotton or neoprene.

The choice of the leather guitar straps is very common which is due to the durability along with the cost-effectiveness. The choices are not limited and this the buyers should look at the market carefully before making any decision.