Some contemporary wedding trends that you need to know

The modern day wedding ceremonies are a lot different than the old ones in the sense that the modern day couples are very much interested in personalization and customization of their main event at their own with the help of some professional smart event planner. Following the contemporary or classic fashion trends is one of the very basic norms of the modern day wedding ceremonies. With every changing year we tend to observe some new emerging trends that compel the people to follow them to make their mark. Same is the case with the year 2018. There are for sure some new emerging trends on the horizon which have given a new dimension to the wedding events. Here we are briefly going to talk about a couple of those trends that we must need to observe in our coming wedding event.

When it comes to the floral arrangements and embellishments we see that the locally grown flowers are getting trendier. People are not essentially inclined towards the famous breeds like roses etc. opting the locally grown flower is a highlight for those eco-friendly couples who want to convey an effective message in this way. At the same time these in season flowers also cost a lot lesser as compared to the out of season flowers as we have to pay more for them.

There was a time when hours were spent in selecting the right invitation cards. Brides and grooms along with their families paid special attention to this, and then a chunk of money was spent on their printing. Some people went too far in this by printing and embossing the invitation cards with silver and gold. But as the trends are changing, same has the impact on the invitation cards. Gone are the days when the invitation cards needed to be decent elegant and formal. In fact the only rule left is that there is plainly no rule. Sounds crazy right? People are inclining towards using the repurposed materials, watercolor illustrations; anything that is playful is being preferred nowadays over the traditional invitation cards.

The final one is about the wedding cake. We have seem that all of a sudden people are starting to like the softer look of buttercream cakes with floral representation over the old classic formal cakes. The flower garnishing is on a high rise that is also loved by the professional photographers from their perspective as these cakes give them more far better clicks.

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